Monday, April 27, 2015

Facial Feminization Surgery

This is unlike my normal post but I'm trying to get word around and I hope you can all have heart and share this in order to help me. This is a copy from what I wrote on a fund site so please help if you can.

Hi my name is Steven but I prefer to be called Christina as I'm a transexual male to female, I'm 26 years old.

I'm making this campaign to help me rise the money inorder to have afford Female facial feminization surgery. 

Here is a little about myself,
I live on my own in a wonderfull town called Downham Market base in Norfolk here in the United Kingdom.
I sadly suffer from a few mental heatlh issues that pervents me at the moment form getting a job, but I plan to make major changes this year to resolve my illness's and start a new life before its as I am 26 years old and time is ticking. I am under mental health services in Kings Lynn and many Support services are in place to help me such as Chatterton house,Together UK, Peer Support. I dont have a great relationship with my family and I dont really have any friends , its rather lonely being me and with the fact I'm so shy and have poor self confidence along with poor self esteem so its hard for me to make friends. 

I feel trapped in a mans body when I am a women at heart and mind, each and everyday is a struggle. I spend ages at a mirrow putting on makeup and having to learn how to apply it correctly alone only for someone to remind me that I'm in a male body. This has a major impact on my life and people intown can tell I'm in a male body, it makes me want to cry each time some one refers to me as male.

I would love to have Female facial feminization surgey so I can feel more comfortable in my own body. But there is no way I could afford such a thing, with out a good job behind me, at the moment I am unable to work due to my illness. I would love to be able to get a loan but with my low income and employment status no lender would do this for me. 

This year I plan to go to College this year and I have applyed and been acepted for a place aslong as they can get enough students to apply. The course I'm studing for the next 3 to 5 years will Art And Design at East Anglia in Wisbesch. This would be a huge step forward me and help me archive a better life and a more socail one, it would also help me get a job in the end so that I can live in comort. I am very scared and if my self confidence dont improve I feel myself falling out of my dream goal, but I'm going to push myself hard to arcive this dream.
This also includes studying maths/English which I could use and lifeskills.

Inorder for me to do this I must improve my self confidence,self esteem. For this to happen I need to feel more comfortable in my own body which is the way I look and the surgery would help me greatly. The package I would like to afford would cost me around £8570.58 and I would need to sort a passport and flight cost ontop that price, Thatprice includes every thing from the surgey to the hotel and medicine so around £9570.58 I would need once the added the extra things I mentioned. I am also saving for this myself and hoply if everything goes right this month 27/04/2015 i shoud have saved my first £500 towards my operation/Surgery.

Is there any kind souls out there that could help better my appearnce so that I can feel more comfortable in my body please, It would be nice to have a dream come true for once.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life is a Struggle but things get better.

Life is a Struggle but things get better.

I seem to struggle everyday but things are getting better for me, so Ill go into depth a little.

I've made a major step forward about an month ago and came out as a trans-women that means I am transsexual , this sounds easy to some but it has taken me years to come out because of living in fear.
Now I look back I don't know why I was so sacred as everyone has been so wonderful and treating me with great respect, its unreal not a single person as turned their back on me.
I am trying to go full time as a women but I don't have the funds to buy a whole new wardrobe so its a slow past change, however all my jeans are now women's, I have 2 dresses,a wig(untill my hair grows). I have gotten a little bit of makeup and already I'm getting fussy on brand shades.
With just these steps I feel so much better and comfortable.

As for my 3D sadly with my depression I struggle to motivate myself but I took a step forward and happy to say Ill be going to college this year, this is very exciting and I will force my self back into routine which is a good thing to have. I plan to study Art and Design for the next 4-5 years.

As for updates here I often forget I have a blogger and I cant motivate my self as Ive said due to depression, but I hope with my tablets being changed and the support being assigned to me it should greatly lift my mood which will chuck me back into things.

I now have my house but I plan to move house again soon, just the area is not right for me and a few antisocial things happen around here which I rather stay clear off.

For now Ill just try to cope but I hope to soon be back on track.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blocking Walk Animation

Blocking Walk Animation
Been a little busy recently so not had much time to doodle with Blender but I have squished in some time in the last two today's which is blocking my first walk cycle.
This is the results of my first walk cycle blocking, in the next few days the full body will be blocked out and then Ill start splining followed by polishing the animation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ball And Tail Animation

 Ball And Tail Animation

Today's lesson was learning the workflow Blocking,Splining and then Polishing, and with out delay here is my results for today's lesson.
Created In Blender

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bouncing Ball

 Bouncing Ball
Yesterday I started learning animation and created a "ball and chain animation" in which I uploaded a small clip off, However I also created a bouncing ball which sadly I deleted part of its animation so I was unable to upload a clip off it.
However today I learned a little on creating rigs and decided to recreate the bouncing ball animation which I damaged, but this time I would use no guide to create the animation.

This is my results, its not perfect but it is my first ever true animation on which I used no guide to create, only using my muscle memory.
Note this is only day 2(about 4 hours in total) of me studying/learning animation.